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Our Minestrone has alcohol (cooking wines). All other soups are free from alcohol. … Although our tiramisu contains a coffee liquor, most of it is removed when the dessert supplier bakes it.

Now, how many Zeppoli can you get at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden spells the dish “Zeppoli” on their menu olive garden alcohol menu. According to photographs taken from the Olive Garden take-out menu, Yelp reviews, and a Serious Eats article ranking all the Olive Garden desserts, one Zeppoli order contains eight doughnuts.

Similarly, Is Olive Garden good for you?

Olive Garden is known for its house salad and breadsticks. It’s a healthy meal when paired with Minestrone. However, the sodium content is quite high. You can omit the breadstick to reduce sodium, fat, calories, and carbs. This includes one serving each. Different salads, soups or breadsticks can be added to the total.

Does Olive Garden use olive oil in this area? Our fryers use high-quality canola oil. According to our suppliers, it is 100% canola oil. It does not contain any soy protein.

Can you find caffeine in tiramisu?

Yes! There is probably caffeine in coffee used as an ingredient in a dish. Tiramisu, for instance, uses less than half of a cup to make the entire cake. This means that your caffeine intake will be very low.

What does the V signify on Olive Garden? Olive Garden offers hearty, delicious, and satisfying meals that can be made from scratch. Olive Garden will not force you to choose between a vegetarian/vegan meal or one that is substantial and filling.